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For Creators

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Set up your Vitrine shop in minutes
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Select the products and brands you want to showcase in your shop
Start generating revenue from the sales you make

For Brands

Link your Shopify account
Choose your curators
Select who can sell your products and agree on revenue share
Get orders
Receive orders directly on your system as if they happened on your website

Why Vitrine?

Brands and creators have full transparency on the revenue share
No more affiliate links
Customers can directly buy from their favorite creators
No upfront cost
We only take a commission on the sales generated
Brands have full control over who can sell what products

Our Team

Youssef Ahres
ex-Director of Data Science @ Instagram

5+ years building products for businesses and creators on Instagram
Juhana Kangaspunta
ex-Software Engineer @ Google Brain / Zoox

5+ years building scaled AI systems for robotics and computer vision
Khalil Hajji
ex-Software Engineer @ Youtube / ex-PM at Yelp

4+ years building recommender systems at Youtube and ads at Yelp
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